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The Knowlton Township Historical Commission (KTHC) was officially established in October 1997 to preserve the rural landscape, agricultural architecture, and historic character of Knowlton Township.  By serving as an educational resource to the community and encouraging a commitment to retain the distinctive sense of place that is Knowlton Township, the Commission works to preserve the history and beauty of a unique area.

Preservation means keeping alive the lived history of Knowlton’s early residents and the ‘footprints’ of time passed.  The sense of place is defined as much by the built environment as the natural landscape, and the mark that early settlers made here.  In the 1700s, life revolved around rivers, since trade was conducted via waterways.  Early pioneers like James and Adam Ramsay created a hamlet based on river trade, and that site, known as Ramsaysburg, witnessed transformation as the modes of transportation shifted over time from river to rail to roadway. John Blair’s railroad building is a significant part of that history, as he developed not only railroads but also the villages around them. 

Since 2001, the Historical Commission has been overseeing the restoration of the structures at the Ramsaysburg Homestead at 140 Route 46 toward its future use as an interpretive arts and cultural center.  Grant funding from county and state grants as well as the NJ Historic Trust and others has significantly advanced to preserve this important historic site that includes nearly twelve river-front acres. 

Photo: Ramsaysburg Historic Site, with main building in foreground, cottage and barn in background.

The Commission has secured listing on both the National and State Registers of Historic Places for Ramsaysburg and the nearby village of Delaware, once home to the Delaware Junction station on Blair’s Warren Railroad.  The work of the Commission has expanded present-day awareness of that history, bringing school classes to Ramsaysburg, hosting interpretive history day events, tours, concerts, and cultural events.

The work of the Commission includes promoting the value of Knowlton’s landscapes through preservation of historic farm structures, the barns and outbuildings that tell the story of the area’s rural agricultural history.

You are invited to become involved………

If history and historic preservation interest you as important components in Knowlton’s future, the Knowlton Township Historical Commission welcomes your involvement.  Join as a member or, if your time is limited, volunteer to help with special events and tours.  Your friends and neighbors will appreciate your involvement in helping to preserve the character and beauty of Knowlton’s villages, hamlets, farms, and scenic landscapes.

Knowlton Township Historical Commission meetings are held at the Knowlton Township Municipal Building unless otherwise specified.  The meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend.  For details on meeting dates and times, contact [email protected].

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