Animal Control & Licensing

Knowlton Animal Control Officer: Bonnie Waseleski, 973-222-8586
Licensing Contact at Municipal Building: MaryAnn Gingerelli, 908-496-4816 ext. 6

Operating under the auspices of the Warren County Health Department, animal control enforces all state and municipal regulations related to the animal population in Knowlton. Animal Control Officer Bonnie Waseleski investigates dog bites, secures roaming pets, and provides rescue for sick, mistreated, or abandoned animals.

Missing Pets & Strays

Knowlton Township Animal Control is committed to returning dogs and cats to their owners. Strays and pets that are picked up without identifying tags or collars are taken to the Blairstown Animal Hospital, located at 29 Cedar Lake Road, Blairstown, New Jersey. Injured animals receive basic treatment. Any dog or cat that is found should be reported to animal control so we can attempt to return the animal to its owner.

If you are missing livestock or seeking a lost pet, please call animal control as well.


Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 4:19-15.3, Knowlton Township requires all dogs to be licensed annually in January. Owners must provide proof of rabies vaccination upon licensing. Residents may print out the license renewal, which is located under the “FORMS” tab on this website’s main page, and mail payment along with proof of vaccination to:

Knowlton Township Clerk
628 Route 94
Columbia, NJ 07832

You may also bring the application and appropriate documentation to the municipal building in person.

Licensing Fees

Neutered dog fees are $12 per pet (must provide proof of neutering).

Un-neutered dog fees are $15 per pet.

A late fee will be charged for each dog license that is not renewed by January 31. Late fines will be progressive: $5.00 for payment received on or after February 1; thereafter an additional $5.00 per month.

Animal Complaints

The animal control officer will investigate all complaints regarding vicious, harmful, mistreated, neglected, or diseased animals. Any complaints or concerns of any kind should be directed to animal control.

Number of Dogs Permitted

Unfortunately, one of the issues Animal Control faces is homes with an unreasonable number of dogs. Per Knowlton Code 64-12, residential dwellings with less than five acres may have no more than 3 dogs. Residential dwellings with more than five acres may have no more than 5 dogs. This is the case regardless of whether the home is rented or owned. Exceptions are permissible for kennels, pet shops, and dogs confined in a shelter or pound.