The Planning Board

The Planning Board is an appointed board charged with making recommendations to the Township Committee regarding the boundaries of Knowlton’s residential, business, and planned commercial zones and recommending appropriate regulations to be enforced therein. The Planning Board is responsible for reviewing all subdivision applications and larger development proposals requiring site plan review. Members participate in overall planning for the town and are involved in proposed changes to the Land Use and Subdivision Ordinances. They are advised by an attorney, the township engineer, and when needed, a city planner.

Knowlton’s Planning Board consists of 10 members, who are appointed by Knowlton’s mayor. Annually one Planning Board member is elected chairman and another as vice chairman.

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When does the Planning Board meet?

The Planning Board meets once each month on the 4th Tuesday at 7:30 at the Knowlton Municipal Building. All meetings are open to the public, however, not all meetings include public hearings. If you wish to attend a meeting and/or speak at a meeting it is recommended you call the Planning Board secretary, Alfia Schemm, at

496-4816 to confirm meeting dates and times and to confirm the project you wish to speak about is scheduled for a public hearing.

How does one become a Planning Board member?

Knowlton residents wishing to be considered for a Planning Board position should fill out the volunteer application found on the main page of this website under “Forms.”

As positions on the Planning Board become available, volunteer applications will be presented to the mayor and a volunteer will be selected and appointed.

Current Members

  • Chairman Clayton Taylor
  • Vice Chairman Dave Smith
  • Hal Bromm
  • Dale Glynn
  • Kathy Cuntala
  • Barbara Prosser
  • Carla Costantino
  • Rene Mathez
  • Mike Tironi
  • Tom Drake
  • James Mazza